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Rescue Me CPR!

The premier CPR cell phone app

Our technology harnesses the power of medical research to provide the 

Most effective cellphone CPR assistant technology!

With the opioid crisis killing greater than 100,000 Americans every year, we need to get this life saving technology on every phone

Click Here to download Android app
Click Here to download ​iOS app 

Our Story

After a chance meeting with Dr Jerome Adams in 2019, the realization that our youth are being poisoned had a profound effect on me. He stated ' You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem. GO and do something to help'. 

After a difficult conversation with my daughters about the potential danger of taking pills , I learned that one of my daughters friends had become unconscious and stopped breathing at a college party. None of the bystanders were proficient in CPR and despite saving the victims life, she was severely affected by the event. I asked her what would have helped you in that moment? She replied "I wish we had an app". I said I'm going to make one. In that instance, Rescue Me CPR1 was born

Meet The Team

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