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Life Saving Stories

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"I heard about your app on KPBS earlier this year. I immediately told my family members, friends, and even announced it to my students. I've had CPR training in the past, but it's easy to forget in an emergency. 


Today I was at Balboa Park with a grad seminar class on a field trip. We were having a discussion when we saw a man in a parked car having some serious distress. Someone said he wasn't breathing, so I told my friend to call 911 and I ran to the driver's side. I told someone nearby to pull him out of the car and started the rescue me app.


I was terrified. The man was blue. He wasn't breathing. I have never performed cpr in a real life scenario. I began compressions and after the first set of 30 or so, an RN who was nearby ran over and continued cpr. The man started breathing! He came to life and was confused, and then the ambulance arrived. I could hear the man talking to the EMTs inside.


He was about my father's age and I was just so grateful for this tool. I believe your app saved his life. The RN said she was glad to have those beeps going on the app. Even though she's trained to save lives, the beeps helped her stay focused in a chaotic situation. 


I cannot thank you enough for making this simple, easy-to-use tool available. You saved someone's life today" - Review sent by personal email

"This app saved my brother's life. I hate to wait 10 seconds for it to start, he was about to die. But I couldn't do it without the app. Thankyou." - AzizE121

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