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If the victim is awake and can't breath, ask 'Are you choking?'

If yes, you will need to do the the
'Heimlich Maneuver'

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  1. If someone is choking  do the Heimlich maneuver. Stand behind the person with one leg forward between the person's legs.

  2. Put your arms around the person and locate their belly button.

  3. Place the thumb side of one fist against the stomach just above their belly button.

  4. Grasp your fist with your other hand and thrust inward and upward into the person's stomach. Use quick, thrusting movements five times or until they expel the item.

  5. Continue thrusts until the person expels the object or becomes unresponsive.

  6. If the person becomes unresponsive, begin CPR. Click Here

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