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Heading 3

Is the Person Breathing?

If the victim is not breathing, give 2 rescue breaths and check for a pulse.

If you are not comfortable with giving mouth to mouth breathing SKIP this step and Click No now and continue the rescue


breathing 3-2v1.gif

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  • Place your mouth over the victims mouth

  • Pinch the nose and blow into the victim

  • Make sure there the chest is rising with each breath. If not, lift the chin and try again

  • Check for a pulse by feeling for a pulse on the side of the neck

Further Instructions

  • Make sure there isn't anything in the mouth obstructing breathing

  • If the person vomits, don't panic you did nothing wrong

  • Tilt the head to the side and wipe out the mouth with a cloth or your fingers

         Make sure you keep the airway open at all times!

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