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Heading 3

Scenario #1


You are at a club and stumble upon a guy on the stairs, appears passed out and not moving. 

Q What is the first thing you should do?
A Try to arouse the victim by shouting "hey are you ok?' if there is no response, you should evaluate him to see if he is breathing.

The victim remains unresponsive to voice and doesn't appear to be breathing.

Q What is the next thing you should do?
A If the victim isn't breathing you will need to activate EMS by dialing 911. In a business someone should also notify the management as well. While this is being done, you should get the victim off the stairs and on a flat surface if possible to begin resuscitation.

You have someone getting management and dialing 911 . You and your friends get the victim off the stairs and on to the floor. You notice his lips are blue and he has only weak breathing of about 6 breaths per minute. You don't have Narcan but someone said the club manager does.

Q While waiting for the manager to come with the Narcan, should you just observe the victim or do something else?

A As is shown in the ODrescueME app, at this point you should open the airway and if this does not result in effective breathing give 2 rescue breaths. If you are not comfortable giving rescue breathing then immediately start chest compressions.  Waiting will result in death, while rescue breathing can definitely be lifesaving. 

The clubs manager arrives with the nasal Narcan and administers the full dose. Within 2 minutes the victim is awake and agitated. he says he fine and just wants to go home. An ambulance is on the way. and is 5 minute out.  

Q Should you jut let him go home or should he wait for the ambulance?
A If possible he should be detained until he is checked out by paramedics. In some cases the medication that caused the overdose can last longer than the narcan, causing the patient to stop breathing again. Ideally the victim should not be  left alone.

The paramedics arrive and evaluate the victim. They tell you and your friends that used the ODrescueME app saved this man life. He went to the hospital and was released to the care of his parents

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